Liberal Democrats win online blind poll

An online voting website, with no political affiliation, has shown that the Liberal Democrats’ education policies are the most attractive to voters. is a not-for-profit site which asks participants to judge each party’s policies without knowing who the party was. Issues range from healthcare to housing, and from the economy to the environment.

The education policies were:

We will restore discipline and order to the classroom and raise the entry requirements into the teaching profession. We will also create a new generation of independently run state schools by allowing charities, parent and teacher groups and co-operatives to establish Academies.
We will raise standards by giving the best school leaders and federations more schools to run; give parents new rights and clear guarantees of high-quality teaching underpinned by increased spending.”
We will provide a fair start to all children by giving schools the money they need to cut class sizes and set teachers free to spend more time teaching in the classroom. We will scrap unfair university tuition fees.

At the time of writing, the Liberal Democrats had commanded 65% of the votes, while the Conservatives and Labour had 26% and 9% respectively.

Across all 13 policies, the Liberal Democrats had secured 40% of the votes, the Conservatives 31%, and Labour 29%.