ISP with cinema ratings

Educational technology company Tibboh has launched a family ISP to offer safe, secure internet access supported by BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) ratings to deliver age-appropriate content for children and teenagers. 

Users of the Tibboh service will get internet free of the kind of content that worries children and parents, enabling age-appropriate access via a filtration system accredited by the BBFC, which has itself developed the policies for Tibboh in line with the UK’s  film and DVD classifications U, PG, 12, 15, 18.

The Tibboh service, costing only £19.99 per month, is being launched with high-speed (3G) mobile internet access and offers the CEOPS button on Facebook.  Tibboh is fully supportive of the UK Council for Child internet Safety (UKCCIS)’s ‘Zip It, Block It, Flag It’ campaign.

The system, which has been available for over a year in schools, is now being made available to the general public and can be bought from Amazon or directly from Tibboh’s own website (

Andrew Cooke, of BBFC online said:  “We’re delighted to be able to welcome Tibboh as the first internet service provider to meet the BBFC online membership standards.  We’ve been working very closely with Tibboh and have helped them to develop bespoke criteria which match our standards.

“Parents often find themselves in the unenviable position of having to lay down the law in a digital universe they barely understand.  Our classifications are understood and trusted by UK parents and they are based on our unique understanding of child development and parental expectations.  Our research shows that 91% of parents want to see BBFC film and DVD classification on downloads or streaming films and other digital audiovisual content.”

Tibboh exists in the cloud, rather than on the user’s laptop or desktop, which takes the onus of keeping it up-to-date away form the user or parent.  With the enormous amount of new sites and content becoming available daily, Tibboh’s classifications are available to the user in real time.  A number of schools are already using Tibboh successfully as a solution for school and home-based internet access.