Cameron interview online

Leader of the Conservative party, David Cameron, recently answered a series of questions that were selected by the Student Room (

Questions included: “How do you plan to respond to the growing prevalence of unpaid internships?”; “Why should student finance depend on their income?”; “Will you reconsider the Digital Economy Bill considering the manner it was pushed through without proper scrutiny?”; and “How and to what extent will your party continue to fight for LGBT equality/issues?”.

The last question was: “Recent discussions with regard to the cuts that need to be made to recover the national deficit has highlighted (by all parties) the scientific research budget as one of the places where cuts will take place... Won’t this result in a brain drain from the UK?”

In response to the last question, David Cameron said: "Yes, the deficit will have to be cut. But it’s hugely important that we don’t undermine our science base. If our economy’s going to grow then we have to stay competitive in fields like IT, engineering, biotechnology and medical research. That’s why it’s really worrying that small research institutes seem to be among the hardest hit by the Government’s cuts to university funding."

Student Room is the self-styled “UK’s largest student community”, which promotes debate and offers advice. The full interview can be found here.