Shared-resource computing

Shared-resource computing is an initiative that aims to bring technology into the lives of more and more students. Software developer NetSupport has teamed up with several technology suppliers to promote this cost-effective computing model.

The desire to provide as many students as possible with access to a computer at school is unquestioned but, with educational budgets coming under increasing pressure, suppliers have been busy looking at how this can be achieved while trying to make the technology affordable.

The answer comes in the form of shared-resource computing. The basic concept being that a single ‘host’ computer or server powers multiple desktops, providing all the resources each machine needs – but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional one-to-one computing model.

Companies such as Microsoft, nComputing and WYSE are keen to tap into NetSupport’s expertise, recognising that Classroom Management software (such as NetSupport School, with its desktop monitoring and real-time presentation capabilities) still has a part to play in ensuring that their technology is being used by students for the intended purpose.

Microsoft is currently promoting the launch of its offering, Windows MultiPoint Server, and NetSupport recently joined with the US giant in Johannesburg to demonstrate its MultiPoint-compatible version of NetSupport School, NetSupport School Centralized Computing Edition, to educators from across Africa.

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