New maths practice software from DLK

DLK has just released a new suite of eight Maths software titles called MathaMax.

MathaMax complements its successful MathsWork suite, and the company is offering all schools in the UK one free title from the suite with a full site licence. Just send them an email to asking for one.

The differentiating feature in the MathaMax suite is the quality of the 3D graphics normally seen in action games so popular with students, (and some teachers).

One example from the suite is NumberWars, a blend of action game with recall of mathematical knowledge practice. The action is set in a huge cave system through which the user navigates using the arrow keys on the keyboard, with the objective of collecting coins scattered throughout the cave.

There are beings that patrol the cave system, some are good others are bad and will try to kill you.

The school may choose between two options depending on teacher preference and school ethos:
The bad guys are infected with a virus that can be cured by pressing the space bar.
The bad guys are killed using the space bar.

Initially the bad guys are the guys that show a multiple of ten number while the others show a number that is not a multiple of 10.

The ammunition / cure serum available is limited, and to replenish the user must go into one of the many bunkers within the system highlighted by the green colouring.

In the bunker there is a screen showing a question, answering it correctly earns a bullet / inoculation.

As the user succeeds, the game increases in difficulty, if the user begins to fail then the game decreases in difficulty.