Supply of IT skills outstrips demand

While the number of ICT-ready candidates is now outstripping the demand for these skills – according to the latest Technology Demand and Supply report, published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) – there is a growing demand for SQL, C#, .NET and Linux skills. All four skill sets have now been in increasing demand for the past two quarters.

This news should give focus to students wishing to concentrate on computer programming as a subject.

These results showing continued growth in the ICT industry are comparable to the REC’s monthly Report of Jobs which has also highlighted a similar trend since the start of the year. 

Commenting on the results, Jeff Brooks, chair of REC Technology said: “It is encouraging to see this growth in demand.  Our members are showing increasing confidence in the sector and many of them are looking to hire more recruiters as a result.  

It is very encouraging to see that companies will still invest in technology to develop their businesses even when there is a tough economic landscape. I look forward to the upturn developing at an even stronger rate in the months ahead” 

The latest Demand and Supply report places the number of ICT professionals at the end of 2009 at 1,041,000, a 4% drop on the year when compared to the end of 2008.