Web filtering from Brightfilter

BoundaryServer is a web filtering service that provides a high level of online protection to small primary schools and other institutions right up to local authorities.

It sits at the gateway between the school network and the internet to filter content that passes through, protecting pupils from inappropriate material and safeguarding the network from harmful infections.

BoundaryServer uses multiple layers of filtering to provide powerful and comprehensive online protection. These include: URL and content filtering, to block sites based on a prohibited list and what they contain; reputation filtering, which uses TrustedSource data to block sites with a low reputation score; advertisement filtering to strip out distracting adverts for a cleaner learning experience; and search term filtering, to stop students Googling for inappropriate content.

A common method adopted by students in attempt to bypass school web filtering is using anonymous proxy websites, which hide IP addresses. BoundaryServer is the only education focused solution to protect school networks from anonymous proxies, even behind HTTPS secure servers. The service uses unique technology to decrypt and analyse content hidden in HTTPS and block students from accessing them.

Schools can use BoundaryServer’s content and abusive language filtering to help address cyber bullying. The service will block profanity in web-based email such as Hotmail and Gmail, as well as on social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo. BoundaryServer will report the individuals involved to IT staff, to help resolve and prevent online bullying issues.

BoundaryServer provides accurate, individual reports to outline details such as most visited sites, who accessed them and at what time. Staff can then create profiles tailored to each individual user, for a bespoke level of internet access that can be managed from one central interface.

As well as powerful web filtering, BoundaryServer offers unique anti-malware technology to protect against spyware, malware, Trojans, viruses and spam. Unlike traditional antivirus software that acts as a last line of defence before the system becomes infected, BoundaryServer’s anti-malware service removes and blocks this content before it even reaches the PC.

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