Six more BSF projects share £420m

Six more local authorities across England have been given the green light to join the national Building Schools for the Future programme to rebuild or refurbish secondary schools in their area.

The six are: Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Gateshead, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire and Sutton. Each of these will embark on their BSF schemes by summer 2010.

The authorities were confirmed following a rigorous selection process in which they demonstrated they were ready to hit the ground running with their projects to rebuild or refurbish secondary schools across these areas. It means the six can start now planning in detail to fast-track their most urgent building projects or deprived areas, far earlier than originally planned – with capital investment released from 2012/13.

Tim Byles, chief executive of Partnerships for Schools, said: "With over 130,000 pupils and 12,000 teachers already benefitting from BSF investment the length and breadth of the country, [this] announcement will ensure that even more young people and staff are given the schools that they deserve over the coming years.

"As well as delivering the new schools and facilities that local communities need, BSF is also welcome news for local employment, supporting tens of thousands of jobs on the ground in the construction and related industries."