Anytime, anywhere network access

The latest enhancement to RM’s CC4 network, CC4 Anywhere, gives learners and staff anytime, anywhere access to their network via almost any Internet-enabled device.

Community Connect 4 has revolutionised computer management for over 1500 UK schools and colleges, the company has claimed. From classroom control to Internet access, wireless to passwords, security to software updates, CC4 automates, simplifies and organises a school's network resources.

Benefits include:

Log on from anywhere and work with apps installed on the network regardless of your operating system.
Make travel time on the bus or train productive. With an Internet-enabled device, log on to CC4 securely and get to work.
From smartphones to netbooks, just use your current devices. CC4 Anywhere works with almost anything.
Encourage students to work on personal devices in lessons and increase pupil to device ratios!
Reduce cost of ownership by using older or lighter performance hardware, such as thin clients, to access the power of apps and tools available on CC4.

Visit the CC4 Anywhere World to find out more.