Mobile messaging connects parents and pupils

London-based Breakthru Marketing has created a new platform that marries technology, classroom activity, and parental participation – a communication platform that connects parents and pupils with teachers via mobile text messaging (SMS).

Using any mobile phone connected to any carrier, parents connect with the Mobile Homework platform simply by sending a standard text message to their children’s dedicated classroom number. Instantly, they then receive the day’s current alerts and messages as input directly by their children’s teacher – messages such as “Maths Chap 7 Ex 4 and 5” or “Bring coloured pencils for art class tomorrow.”

Integration requires only a cell phone to receive the messages and a computer to send the messages. If a teacher can type a message onto a webpage and a parent can enter a text message, they can connect via Mobile Homework.

Mobile Homework creates an environment that links parent and pupil for maximum involvement, encouragement, and accountability. Studies have shown that parental attitudes towards homework play an important role in their children’s education.

Pupils feel encouraged knowing that their parents are involved with their learning, and they feel responsible and independent knowing that they are fulfilling their part of communicative circle by collecting and completing assignments on their own. Parents, meanwhile, benefit from a closer relationship with the teacher, the materials, and their own children—and they demonstrate a positive attitude toward homework that recent research by the University of Missouri – Columbia and Tennessee State University has proven to play an important role in children’s education, grades, and personal development.

Some have discovered a host of uses for the Mobile Homework platform that go beyond simple homework notifications to include the following:

Excursion reminders
Extra-curricular activity information
Test reminders