Safeguarding children

The Safeguarding Children Conference 2010, will take place in London on 29th June.

e-safe education is among the delegates who will be attending the conference to discuss the latest advanced strategies for predator grooming detection and the education of children and young people.

Child protection expert Terry Jones, IPTAC (Internet Paedophilia Training Awareness Consultancy), will address key issues, including the important role of image detection and contextual phrase threat monitoring technology in helping local authorities to properly safeguard children, wherever and whenever they use a computer. His workshop, sponsored by e-safe education, will take place at 1:45pm.

The number of cases involving extreme pornographic and child abuse images has doubled in the last five years, with vast volumes of such imagery now easily accessible on the internet. Directors of Children’s Services are urged to attend this event to hear about the opportunity to use the information and intelligence that is available from computer systems to identify children at risk, make informed decisions and facilitate proportional, early intervention.

Click here for the full programme and a list of speakers.

Trained by CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and employing the latest detection techniques, the e-safe education team works to safeguard children in the digital/online world by monitoring and identifying incidents involving pupils or staff and notifying schools accordingly.

Helping schools and local authorities to ensure that every incident, whether an early indicator or a more serious problem, is reviewed and flagged within 24-hours, e-safe education prevents children at risk from slipping through the net. In addition, it avoids placing the burden and risk on the shoulders of a school’s IT Manager who typically neither has the time, nor perhaps the required pastoral expertise, to review and respond to the potentially serious alerts.