Cyber bullying targeted

Headteachers will be given powers to remove items such as iPods and mobile phones from disruptive pupils, in a bid to reduce cyber-bullying in schools, the Secretary of State for Education said recently.

Speaking in the News of the World, Michael Gove said: “It's simply unacceptable for even one child to be victimised, whether it's in or out of school, or via text messages or social networking sites.

“Our Education and Children's Bill in the autumn will put heads and teachers back in control, giving them a range of tough new powers to deal with bullies and the most disruptive pupils. Heads will be able to take a zero-tolerance approach and will have the final say.

“I'll also give teachers the right to remove disruptive children from the classroom without fear of legal action. They will be able to search pupils for weapons, and items like iPods and mobile phones, and confiscate them.”