Safer Internet Day

The 7th ‘Safer Internet Day’ will be celebrated on 9 February 2010 in more than 60 countries across the world and this year will focus on the theme Think before you post ("Think B4 U post!").

New technologies have turned all of us – mostly young people – into publishers of information, pictures, and videos. In addition, we can manage our online identity in a way which may turn us into ‘celebrities’.

While bringing about new opportunities for personal expression and creativity, new technologies may also lead to embarrassing or even traumatic situations. For example, photos, once posted online, remain online and can be seen by anybody, even years after they have been posted.

Therefore, children and teenagers need to be empowered to manage their online identity in a responsible way, to be in control of their own online identity, and at the same time respect other people's choices of posting or not certain information or photos online.

The 27 national centres in the Insafe network and its partners in almost 40 countries will bring young people and adults together in local, regional, national and online events all around the world to reflect on the publication of images online.

A video clip has been created in all official EU languages and more to support this campaign. Watch the clip and find further information about the activities being organised in the UK through the Insafe website at