Filtered out

Brightfilter, provider of web filtering solutions to the education sector, demonstrated its latest range of products at BETT 2010. Visitors were invited to stand B59 to experience the range of solutions for protecting pupils online, including:

BoundaryServer provides the highest level of online protection for primary, secondary, public and private schools. The powerful web filter sits at the gateway between the school network and the internet to check all content that passes through. Any viruses, malware and unsuitable content are removed, to ensure pupils, staff and the technology are protected from inappropriate and harmful material.

McAfee’s Total Protection Suite protects school networks by safeguarding desktops, file and email servers from illicit content, malicious websites, spam, spyware and viruses. Managed at one central unit, the service replaces the need for multiple boxes, reducing power output and driving cost down.

McAfee Biometric Encrypted USB keys ensure a highly secure method of transporting sensitive data across locations. To access information users must authenticate themselves using a password or fingerprint, or both, for maximum security.

Brightfilter Parental Control software extends protection beyond the school gates to safeguard families from illicit material and online threats such as pornography, identity theft, illegal sites, malicious software and phishing scams. Powered by McAfee technology, Brightfilter’s database is updated automatically every day to provide highly effective, powerful online protection.