ICT investment beats snow chaos

Virtual lessons were posted online by staff at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, to enable its snow-stricken students to keep on top of their studies, the Stroud News & Journal reported this week.

Teachers uploaded sessions on the school’s intranet site to benefit its day students while the college shut for three days due to the snowy conditions.

Headteacher Margie Burnet Ward told the local paper: "Everyone loves the snow but I think even children have a natural threshold after which they get a little bored with it and we must ensure that, with important exams coming up, all our children keep up with their studies.

"Our massive investment in ICT in recent years, which we believe to be the largest per pupil in the region, has been crucial for keeping our students in touch and on task and teachers have provided on-line materials all week to ensure that no one misses out."

The college reopened in time to allow students to sit this month's GCSE and A level exams.