Building schools for Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council has been invited to bid for up to £80 million of BSF funding for Loughborough, Quorn and Barrow. “For the schools in this area this offers a tremendous opportunity to create innovative learning environments, providing the very latest facilities, ICT and technology,” the council said. “This will inspire all that use them.”

The Government has made it clear that BSF must deliver significant improvements in pupil achievement through innovation and reform. BSF funding cannot simply be used to replace what already exists. It is crucial therefore that BSF programmes are ambitious and visionary to ensure that significant improvements in learning take place.

In July 2009 Leicestershire County Council undertook a first stage of consultation to raise awareness of the key issues of transformation and the opportunities ahead. Many local people are in favour of changing the current organisation to a system of ‘through secondary schools’. There was also a clear view supporting the development of an area special school. This led the County Council to approve the development of options based on local opinion and in line with national BSF guidance.

“Significant progress has now been made to put Leicestershire in a strong position to enter the BSF programme, when invited by the Government,” the council said. “Options have now been developed which will shape the future of learning and the schools in Loughborough, Quorn and Barrow. The County Council’s Cabinet will consider consultation on these options on 12 January 2010 and we expect to be able to share these with you shortly after.”

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