BSF sails into view

Portsmouth businesses found out more about the city’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme at a conference that took place last month.

Two private sector partners are being procured to deliver Portsmouth's £200 million BSF project – one to design, build and maintain 12 city schools, and one to deliver ICT. These consortia will be responsible for establishing their own supply chains.

Over 200 delegates attended the ‘BSF Means Business' conference on December 15 when representatives from each of the five companies bidding to deliver the programmes explained the sub-contracting and supplying opportunities available and how they propose to engage with the local business community. There were also networking opportunities.

The transformation of the first two schools in Portsmouth will begin in 2011 with King Richard being completely rebuilt, and major rebuilding and refurbishment for Priory. The other schools that are part of the programme are Admiral Lord Nelson, Charter Academy, City of Portsmouth Boys', City of Portsmouth Girls', Harbour, Mayfield, Priory, Redwood Park, Springfield and St Edmund's.

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