Inclusive education

RM, as part of the Skanska RM consortium, has been chosen as the preferred ICT partner for the Essex BSF programme, one of the largest in the country.

Inclusive Technology and SpaceKraft, both part of the RM Group, worked with the consortia and the schools to ensure that Essex will have the most forward thinking special education needs ICT provision in the country. Two of the first four schools to be built under the programme will be Special Schools.

SpaceKraft is pioneering a new type of immersive learning environment, which extends multisensory learning opportunities for both special education needs students and mainstream students.

This immersive learning environment has been created with all of the schools in the first wave and will enable simulations to be created for specific school requirements. Scenarios include transporting students to places they wouldn't otherwise be able to visit, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the South Pole and the Tropical Rainforest, and simulating more everyday settings such as the barber shop, railway station and supermarket, to provide students with experiences, which provide stepping-stones to a more independent life in the community.

Developed by RM, Spacekraft and Flasma the environment will allow schools to develop their own immersive content scenarios and so provide a sustainable resource that can be continually updated.

During the procurement, Essex challenged RM to deliver a truly inclusive learning platform capable of meeting the needs of all students. RM said that it went back to the drawing board and, in collaboration with highly regarded SEN ICT experts Inclusive Technology, designed a fully accessible and personalised online learning experience which will provide opportunities for all.

Steve Willis, BSF Lead, Cornelius Vermuyden School and Arts College said: “Cornelius Vermuyden School and Arts College is delighted to be working in partnership with Skanska RM on developing our ICT provision. This partnership will help to transform teaching and learning at our school, and combined with our fantastic new facilities, will enable us to build on our success.”