Real-time school data management

Hyperspheric Solutions has launched Stars 4 Schools — School Tracking, Assessment and Reporting System – at BETT 2010. Locally launched in July 2009, Stars 4 Schools enables the flow of data from mark sheets to students’ reports and whole-school statistics.

Hyperspheric Solutions developed Stars 4 Schools in response to an identified need within schools for a system that would track student performance, generate whole-school statistics in real time and manage report writing.

Assistant principal at Neale-Wade Community College, Paula Brenchley, said: “Previously I had been using spreadsheets to track progress and help raise attainment in my department. However, scaling up from department level to whole-school was time consuming and inefficient. Through working with Hyperspheric Solutions we now have a robust, affordable system that will easily deliver student reports, provide instant access to statistics for whole-school and even allow 24/7 secure access to parents. It really is a senior leader’s dream!”

Using virtual markbooks to track student progress against target grades, Stars 4 Schools identifies students – and groups – who need extra help. It will also highlight targets that are not being met, identify grades that are missing and provide a snapshot of each student at the click of a button. Tailor-made comment banks and picks lists make generating reports easy and the real-time element spells the end to tiresome data collections.

Stars 4 Schools meets government requirements for secondary schools to provide online reports to parents by September 2010. It offers 24/7 secure access to parents and students, allowing them to view appropriate and relevant data about performance as well as viewing teacher comments. Stars 4 Schools is currently in use at secondary schools with adaptations for primary schools already under development in line with 2012 targets.