Online assessments for dyslexia

GL Assessment has launched an online version of its Dyslexia Screener, an assessment designed to help teachers identify pupils with dyslexic tendencies.

This follows calls by Sir Jim Rose for schools to keep parents informed of the progress of children with literacy difficulties and demonstrate how they identify and support these children.

The new online test offers practitioners a range of new reporting and administrative features, including an individual report that is specifically designed for communication with parents. This report highlights all of the key information featured in the practitioner reports, but the more advanced data tables and terminology are replaced with an easily understandable visual summary of the child’s test results and recommendations.

Sue Thompson, publisher at GL Assessment, explained: “The Jim Rose report highlighted how the use of standardised assessments for measuring children’s reading, spelling and writing speed, alongside tests of phonological awareness and memory, can help teachers ensure children with dyslexia get the help they need to reach their full potential. The new reports within the online version of the Dyslexia Screener will be a valuable tool to help schools ensure they provide effective support for pupils with dyslexic tendencies whilst enabling them to communicate effectively with parents.”

An online version of GL Assessment’s Dyscalculia Screener has also been launched to help teachers distinguish between children with poor maths attainment and those who have a specific learning difficulty.