Flexi-neck Visualiser launched

AVerMedia has released a new, high specification, autofocus flexi-neck Visualiser for Education.

These will be launched at the BETT 2010 Exhibition. The new CP range consists of three models, CP135, CP155 and CP355, which replace the previous CP family.

The highlights of the new CP355 include:
• auto focus
• 3.2 megapixel camera
• 80x zoom
• flexible neck to really close to your subject
• easy-to-use control panel
• large shooting area (330mm x 248mm)
• new, versatile Aver+ software
• five-year warranty

The CP355 is a full auto focus Visualiser. Its powered 80 x zoom, together with its flexible neck, enable users to get up close and personal with all subject matter, including flat objects (books, maps) or 3D objects such as models or ancient artifacts.

The auto focus CP355 has a large shooting area of 330mm x 248mm, which means that A4 pages can easily be displayed on screen. The Visualiser can also be used to capture and store still and video images (24fps). The product has an internal storage capacity of 80 images.