The ease of embedded software

De-LTA is the new software from Empowering Confidence, which allows teachers to create re-usable learning objects from video material.

The company claims that 40% of students have a visual learning preference, which is usually satisfied by videos. However, pupils can often become bored so Empowering Confidence aimed to make them interactive and engaging as well as educational.

De-LTA software transforms videos into interactive re-usable learning objects, allowing teachers to embed images, text, questions, video clips, audio files and slides. Changes can be made without having to re-film a scenario.

Examples of the benefits that the software could bring include: students being shown people’s reactions to inappropriate behaviour without anyone getting hurt; and students choosing the right equipment in a science experiment without making expensive mistakes.

Embedding questions into the video allows teachers to ask a range of questions including those with weighted answers that gauge attitudes or behaviours. Skills knowledge and understanding can be assessed with students getting immediate feedback in the form of bar charts, pi charts or scattergrams.

Reports are generated allowing audit trails for comparing individuals with groups, past and present performance or pre-and postteaching results.

Multiple responses are also possible allowing perception and reality judgements to be made and De-LTA’s random question generator allows teachers to use question banks for multiple assessment points, while the programme marks the answers immediately giving staff and students the immediate feedback they need.

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