Efficient storage sought

Cardiff University is carrying out a pilot study into data storage in the hope of making it more energy efficient, according to a news story in Gair Rhydd, a Cardiff-based student newspaper.

The paper said that the University’s Information Services Directorate has been allocated £50,000 by the Joint Information Systems Commitee (JISC) to conduct the research, which aims to discover a more energy efficient way of holding data so that it needs less physical space, with the hope of making it more sustainable.

Project leader and the University’s Information Services’ principal consultant engineer, Paul Rock, told the newspaper: “Not only is this pilot project a great opportunity for Information Services and Cardiff, its findings will hopefully benefit the entire higher education sector, bringing wide-ranging lessons and a solid demonstration of what the more sustainable technology can achieve.”

Rob Bristow, JISC programme manager, said: “In the context of the UK higher education sector, which is estimated to hold one and a half million computers and spend around £116m on ICT related electricity per year, it is vital to consider the sustainability of the services we provide.”