Partnership to make the internet more accessible

SpaceKraft, part of the RM Group, has forged a partnership and reseller agreement with PointerWare Innovations.

PointerWare is the developer of software designed specifically for seniors and special needs populations who find traditional computer systems challenging. SpaceKraft is a supplier of a range of sensory products to address the demands made on sensory products in a multi-sensory environment. 

This partnership means that anyone, regardless of age, experience or ability, will have access to all the internet has to offer.  PointerWare's unique and simplified user interface runs directly on top of Windows, making it easy for anyone to get online and access email, photographs, games, internet browsing and voice and video conferencing. 

SpaceKraft will sell and distribute PointerWare software to seniors living facilities through the website,, as well as make it available to customers through its Generations catalogue.  Generations offers resources to seniors and their group leaders and activity coordinators. PointerPal, a special version of PointerWare designed for young children, will be offered through SpaceKraft's main and Early Years catalogues as well as

Alan Gallagher, managing director of SpaceKraft said, "We're excited to be able to offer this new and innovative resource to our customers. Despite the seemingly ubiquitous nature of computers and the internet, a significant portion of the population still face barriers to getting online.

“PointerWare and PointerPal will play a key role in helping those who have previously been on the sidelines take advantage of today's digital world.”

"PointerWare is proud to have our products counted among the tools SpaceKraft offers in order to help individuals reach their full potential," said PointerWare CEO, Raul Rupsingh.  "PointerWare's expertise in developing simple software solutions, combined with SpaceKraft and RM's experience in bringing educational resources to diverse populations, means anyone can now enjoy the benefits of being online, regardless of age or ability."