Advertising in The ICTZINE is straightforward, efficient and flexible. With a simple rate structure of £50 per single column centimetre, you are able to plan your advertising spend to suit your budget.

Ad panels are charged inclusive of animation and hyperlinks, which can be directed to either your web site home page, specific url or e-mail address


Readers will naturally want to check out the latest jobs and see what’s on offer. A screen-filling ad with Links to your own website or e-mail gets them talking to you before anyone else.

Only £250 for two weeks or £500 for five weeks


The ICTZINE, an electronic weekly business bulletin aimed at ICT coordinators, ICT managers and LEA purchasers.

The ICTZINE will provide practical ICT advice and information and the latest product reviews. The ICTZINE will be an effective medium that features all the latest news, ideas and information about people, products and the businesses that concern us.

The ICTZINE provides an immediate appraisal of what is current in the market, making it an essential read for everyone in the industry.

As a weekly The ICTZINE is the most topical source of industry information available. Its very frequency lends itself to immediate coverage of news and events. It also provides an unrivalled launch tool for new products and announcements, as well as creating valuable company and product awareness.


Placement of panels among this section guarantees high levels of visibility for either all types of advertisement.
Centre column advertising offers huge benefits to any advertiser. The latest and breaking news is covered and carried in the centre column, and as such is viewed by the entire readership for items of specific interest.

Only £200 per insertion. Minimum booking 5 weeks.


Only £100 per insertion. Minimum booking 5 weeks.


The ICTZINE’s readership is probably the most current and up to date of all magazine readerships in the industry, as readers can register and de-register in line with their career activity.

Equally as readers leave companies, they are removed from servers as a matter of course, so that the problems of publications going to readers no longer there is resolved.

The initial registered readership figure of 11,349